Ashtanga Vinaysa Yoga Time-lapse

from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series: 45 minute personal practice condensed to 3 minutes 30 seconds.

I filmed this in my studio back in 2010 and compiled the time-lapse version because I thought it would be a useful tool for recognizing patterns over the duration of the practice. For example, the rhythm of the breath is dramatically apparent, as is the movement in the upper chest and rib cage while I’m practicing Uddiyana bandha.

As well I’m reminded of the many times Judith would admonish me to “stop fidgeting!”. While I might have thought I was relatively still, focusing on the breath (typically five breaths), it’s clear from the footage that I have a tendency to make many adjustments to the posture before it feels right. To that end, there’s something to be said for simply landing in a posture, with minimal adjustment, and to experience the breath in the configuration you find yourself in without tweaking or editorializing.

Note that this does not represent the complete primary series and some postures are purposefully practiced out of traditional order. Bonus for spotting when this yogi falls out of head-stand!