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  • Yoga May Offerings

    Classes will be held Mon, Wed 9am Pacific, and Friday 9am 10am Pacific. Register for the Zoom link (updated 11/13/20)

  • New Yoga Class at Infinite Yoga, San Diego

    UPDATE:This class has ended. Beginning Tuesday April 11, 2017 I’ll be offering a new class in collaboration with Dana at Infinite Yoga (now CycleOM). Titled Infinite Unplugged, the 70 minute class will consist of a gentle flowing Vinyasa sequence followed by calming restorative work. There will be music. There will be candles. Tuesday, 6:15pm Infinite […]

  • Brooklyn Rooftop Yoga

    This practice was recorded to guide students in my Yoga for Dancers course at SDSU, during a month when I was away dancing with Palissimo. We experimented with several approaches to practicing together over the net. On this day the students watched a projection of this practice, and I observed them via webcam and offered […]

  • Ashtanga Vinaysa Yoga Time-lapse

    from the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series: 45 minute personal practice condensed to 3 minutes 30 seconds. I filmed this in my studio back in 2010 and compiled the time-lapse version because I thought it would be a useful tool for recognizing patterns over the duration of the practice. For example, the rhythm of the breath […]