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Zoom classes are currently offered for individuals and small groups by appointment.

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Yoga Journey

I came to yoga, as many dancers do, seeking a method to maintain health and rehabilitate myself through the rigors of dancing. I was fortunate to be introduced to the practice early in elementary school, though it would be years before I again approached the practice on my own terms. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to study with some fantastic teachers.

I’ve been teaching yoga, often as part of a dance curriculum, since 2005 when I completed an Ashtanga based teacher training with Dana Rae ParĂ© at Infinite Yoga in San Diego.

I strive to lead the class in a non-dogmatic, accessible manner, accommodating all kinds of bodies and levels of experience. My teaching is deeply influenced by dancing, by my desire to dance and move well into maturity, and by sustainable somatic movement and mindfulness practices such as the Alexander Technique and The Feldenkrais Method. -Justin Morrison